Nature of Work:

The Peer Support Specialist is expected to maintain a professional relationship with the individual at all times.  The Peer Support Specialist is also expected to maintain constant communication with the QP.   The Peer Support Specialist is to know the individual’s Person Centered and Crisis Plan at all times and as a Peer Support Specialist the staff member is expected to enforce the objectives of the Person Centered and Crisis Plan.   The Peer Support Specialist must also self identify as an individual with a psychiatric or addictions disability.



As a specialist/Peer Support Specialist you are expected to carry out the following responsibilities.




  • Self-Help: Assist cultivating individual’s ability to make independent choices. Assist in developing a network of contacts for information and support based.


  • System Advocacy:  Assist individual to talk to audience or group about what it means to have a mental illness. Assist with writing letters or making phone calls about issues related to mental illness or recovery.


  • Pre-Crisis/Post Crisis Support:  Assist individual with developing and using a crisis plan and/or Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD).  Give feedback to individual on early signs of relapse and how to request help in preventing a crisis. Support the individual in seeking less restrictive alternatives to locked hospital facilities and Emergency Department evaluations.


  • Housing:  Assist individual in locating improved housing situations and teaching how to maintain stable housing through paying bill, cleaning and organizing his or her belongings. Teach individual how to identify and prepare healthy foods according to cultural and his/her personal preferences and medical needs.


  • Education/Employment:  Assist individual in gaining information about going back to school or job training.  Facilitate with the individual the process of asking an employer for reasonable accommodation for disability (mental health day, flex time, etc.)


  • Meals and Social Activities:  Assist individual with peer relationships and leisure activities where eating is not the core activity offered.  The focus of the meal in a social setting is skill maintenance and enhancement.
Contact Person: 
Bobbie Bowes
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