05-07-2018 ATTENTION:

The NC Certified Peer Support Specialist (NCCPSS) program will be making changes to the course submission and review process to go into effect in July, 2018. As a result of these upcoming changes, the Behavioral Health Springboard (BHS) will not be accepting new courses for review, effective immediately.

We understand the inconvenience this situation may cause persons interested in submitting new courses but the course review committee has a number of courses under review and would like to focus and complete these reviews before the new changes take effect in July, 2018.

Course Submission Announcements

  1. NCCPSS 40 hour courses for approval will only be accepted 1-7 April and 1-7 October every year.
  2. Course submission fee is $800.00 per course
  3. New course submission protocol and forms will be available on PSS website
  4. Courses not approved within One Year of submission will require resubmission with the required fees ($800)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bernice Adjabeng, Program Manager
Tara Bohley, Director, Behavioral Health Springboard

Course Submission and Evaluation Guide:

NCCPSS courses undergo an evaluation process to help ensure quality and appropriate training materials, incorporating nine domains. Please download and complete the Course Submission and Evaluation Guide below.

Download Course Submission and Evaluation Guide

Train The Trainer:

All courses submitted for approval as NCCPSS course will require a Training of the Trainers (TOT) process. Course developers must include their TOT manual and materials when submitting a course for approval. Please download and complete the NC CPSS Training of Trainers Guide below.

Download NC CPSS Training of Trainers Guide

Trainer Documents - To Be Submitted By Course Developers After Course Approval

Trainer Registry:

NCCPSS course developers need to register their trainers with the North Carolina Certified Peer Support Program.

Download Trainer Registry Form

Trainer Code Of Conduct:

NCCPSS Trainers are asked to sign the Trainer Code of Conduct:

Download the Trainer Code of Conduct

* Remember you will still need to mail in 3 hard copies (of the materials and 3 hard copies of the two completed guides referenced above) to the address below.
* Remember to include your course submission payment in your packet: $800.00 money order made payable to "PSS-BHS"

Please Mail Three Hard Copies To:

Peer Support Specialist Registry
Behavioral Health Springboard
School of Social Work
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
325 Pittsboro Street Campus Box #3550
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-3550