About the Course:

Peer Support is engagement and relationship built upon the unique gift of similar life experiences. A trained Peer Support Specialist knows how to use their story of recovery from mental health, addiction, co-existing mental health and addiction challenges or other physical health challenges as a way to inspire hope for recovery. As a peer support and the person they are serving work side by side, the individual is supported to embrace their gifts, strengths, and remember they are the expert on themselves.

RI International has been a recognized leader in the development of a sophisticated and effective peer support workforce. The core of this success is our signature Peer Employment Training (PET). Facilitated by RI Consulting, a business unit of RI International, PET is engaging, challenging and transformative – holding the high expectation that people with significant challenges can overcome them and succeed at the highest level.

PET is successful because it provides the tools needed to support people on their path to employment and inspires action. Our graduates take with them an intense belief in the reality of recovery, and the inspiration to do this work.

PET with RI Consulting: Key Principles

The two-week (76-hour) interactive training focuses on: 

  1. Developing peer support skills for use in the workplace
  2. The exploration and development of personal recovery
  3. Supporting individuals in recognizing their strengths, responsibilities and accountability as certified peers.

In PET, students are supported to recognize who they are and what they have to bring to the role of Peer Support Specialist. Having this strong foundation supports growth and excellence mastering principles in several critical areas:

  • Recovery and the Power of Peer Support
  • Ethics and Boundaries
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Substance Use and Co-Occurring Challenges
  • Community, Culture and Celebrating Diversity
  • Being with People in Challenging Situations
  • Integrated Care and the Role of Peer Support
  • Communication
  • Self Esteem and Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Telling Your Personal Story
  • Documentation

PET’s key principles are covered in depth and practiced using real-to-life scenarios over the two weeks. A certificate is issued upon completion of the course. Training prerequisites include a High School Diploma or GED equivalent, and lived experience with recovery.

RI International’s Peer Employment Training is recognized around the world. To date, we have trained over 6,000 individuals worldwide. PET is state-certified curriculum in several states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and California – and is the preferred curriculum of the Veterans’ Administration in certifying Peer Support Specialists.

Course Developer Contact: 

Lisa St. George
RI Consulting
RI International
2701 N. 16th Street, Suite 316
Phoenix, AZ 85006

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Rainey, Vicki RI International's Peer Employment Training
Rowland, K. Max RI International's Peer Employment Training
Runningwolf, Michael RI International's Peer Employment Training
Smithers, Terrence RI International's Peer Employment Training