You may submit your application online or by mail

North Carolina does not accept other State's Peer Support Certification. For a mail submission, please study and follow the certification application process below:

NC Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS) are required to renew certification every two years. As a courtesy, all NC Certified Peer Support Specialists will receive an email with a Recertification Notice 60-90 days prior to the expiration date on their certificate. Failure to submit a complete recertification application by the end date of the current certification will result in the loss of Certification as a Peer Support Specialist in North Carolina.

Regular Recertification: A CPSS must renew their certification by the last day of the month that they are due for renewal: Applicants must have certificates documenting the completion of 20 hours of training (continuing education and/or in-service) pertaining to their ongoing skill development and service delivery every two years. Training certificates submitted must be completed after your last recertification date.

Late Recertification:  After the last day of the month that a CPSS is due for renewal, the CPSS may apply for late recertification within 30 days. The CPSS must submit the required documents for recertification, and pay a late fee of $20 (in addition to the $20 processing fee). If a CPSS does not renew their certification within the late recertification period, their certification will lapse, and the CPSS will have to apply as a new applicant (requirements posted under the certification tab on the PSS Website) to reinstate their status as a CPSS. You will NOT be required to submit a new training certificate for an approved 40-hour course unless your certification has lapsed.

Lapsed Certification: CPSS with lapsed certification must reapply by following the initial application process. This means you will not be allowed to use the recertification application process and you are required to apply as an initial applicant.  Your 40-hour course training certificates must be within two years of completing the training i.e., two years starting from the date of training completion as recorded on the approved 40-hour course training certificate.
To avoid any form of penalty that may occur due to your being out of compliance with possible state and federal guidelines, please submit your recertification application by the required deadline. We cannot retroactively date applications submitted late for review.

A complete recertification packet will include all of the following:

  1. Completion of the Recertification Checklist
  2. Completion of Recertification Application
  3. Two (2) completed Personal Reference Forms (the submission requirements for Personal Reference Forms are found in the Instructions on the forms themselves)
  4. Training certificates (copies) from continuing education program or official transcripts (sealed and signed by the college) (Training such as, but not limited to, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Person-Centered Thinking, Personal Assistance in Community Existence (PACE), Crisis Prevention). A maximum of eight (8)hours of training related to children and families will be accepted. Applicants can also use college credits (if related to mental health, substance use disorder or human services) and must submit an official transcript for the credits to be counted for 20 hours. Please submit an official college transcript either in sealed envelope or electronically sent directly from college to All training certificates and college courses must be completed within the past two years.
  5. Veteran or Military Service Member Designation Requirements (optional) 
  6. A Signed Copy of the NCCPPS Code of Ethics document
  7. A $20.00 non-refundable processing fee.  Cashier's check or money order can be made out to PSS-BHS or pay online.
×Time to Process:
Please note, due to the high influx of applications and limited access to the office; processing time will be between 7-10 business days upon receipt and completion of the application. Incomplete applications will delay the process. To check the status of your certification/recertification, please visit the Credential Verification page and search your name to verify.

The complete recertification packet and check or money order are mailed to:
Peer Support Specialist Registry
Behavioral Health Springboard
School of Social Work
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
325 Pittsboro Street Campus Box #3550
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-3550

Recertification Downloads:

Online Recertification Application

07/12/2021 - When you have all training and documents ready,  you can now complete the Recertification Application online (an alternative option for mailing application), at this site:

Application Entry Form

Recertification Infographic

Our easy to understand infographic shows the NC PSS Recertification process in single page. Click the image below.

nc peers infographic

Recertification Updates

  • Effective April 1, 2017 Recertification Applications and necessary forms will no longer be mailed out prior to recertification dates. Emails will be sent as a reminder with the recertification forms attached 60-90 days prior to your recertification.
  • If you do not have an email on file, recertification forms will be sent to your mailing address that is on file. Once forms are compete, print and mail all requested documents to the Peer Support Registry.
  • Recertification forms can be found at the bottom of this page, see Attachments below. You can request the recertification forms from the Peer Support Registry by phone, email, or mail:


Peer Support Specialist Registry
BHS / School of Social Work,
NC Chapel Hill
325 Pittsboro Street
Campus Box #3550
​Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-3550