Overview and Purpose:

In 2015, the NCCPSS developed a new process to review and approve courses for the Program. These approved courses were part of the Program's training requirements, and applicants were required to complete any of the approved and submit their certificate as part of their application packet. The initial plan was to recertify the approved courses after two years of receiving approval. The Program was unable to follow through with the plan to recertify the courses for different reasons. The purpose of recertification is twofold:

  • The NCCPSS program added new core concepts that are relevant to the PSS workforce development and service delivery to the following domains:
    • Trauma-informed practice,
    • Cultural competencies,
    • Peer support interactions, and
    • System competencies.
  • To provide an opportunity for course owners to reorganize their courses after training for a few years.

The NCCPSS Program approved a recertification plan to serve as a road map to recertify the approved courses. The NCCPSS Course Recertification Plan may be accessed through the Download tab. The process will begin when the course owner receives a notification to recertify and end with the decision.  Below are the steps:

  • Notice to Recertify: The NCCPSS Program staff will notify the course owner of an approved course about the upcoming recertification and the submission date.
  • Desk Review: The NCCPSS program staff will complete a preliminary desk review of the course before the initial assessment. The course owner will be allowed a resubmission if the course does not pass the desk review the first time. If the course does not pass the desk review for the second time, the Program will post the course expiration date on the website.
  • Team Review: The initial recertification review will mirror the initial course review process used during the original approval. The team will have 60-90 business days from receipt of hard copies of the course to complete the initial review and send a report to the course owner. The team will email the course owner if they cannot complete the first assessment within the stated timeframe.
  • Technical Assistance: The review team will provide technical assistance to course owners during the recertification process. The course owner has two conference calls (via Zoom) for technical assistance to discuss the initial review reports and any other technical assistance needed if the course owner requests.
  • Resubmission and Review: After the initial review, the course owner has two opportunities to make revisions and corrections identified in the review report. Resubmissions of these corrections or responses to deficiencies stated in the review report will be submitted to the Program using the same protocol as the first submission.
  • Recertification Decision: The review team will make recommendations for approval or denial of recertification. The Program staff will notify the course owner by email of the recertification decision.