The NCCPSS Program 40-hour courses, which are part of the training requirement for certification, are listed below. To learn more about each approved course, click the title link below to view the course's detailed description. The course owners will conduct training and manage trainers using the NCCPSS Program Training and Trainer Policies and adhere to the Course Owner Code of Ethics. Currently, the NCCPSS Program only has the Military Designation. Click the tabs below for the complete documents for policies and procedures and the new trainer certification form:
NCCPSS Program Training Policies and Procedures 12/2021

NCCPSS Course Owners Code of Ethics 12/2021

NCCPSS Program Trainer Policies 5/2022 Add a New Certified Trainer Form 1/2022

New 11-2021

NCCPSS Course Transfer NCCPSS Program Training Review Protocol NCCPSS Course Termination