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About the Course:
Peer Support Specialists are messengers of hope who play an essential role in increasing positive outcomes for individuals on their recovery paths. You have chosen to share your experience to help others, and our course is designed to help prepare you for employment as a Peer Support Specialist.
This training meets the guidelines set forth by North Carolina’s Certified Peer Support Specialist Program and includes topics such as:
  • Commitment to Personal Recovery
  • Self-care and Wellness
  • Relationship Building and Communication Skills
  • Peer Support Interactions
  • Systems Competencies
  • Ethics and Boundaries
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Supporting Veterans
  • Cultural Competence/Awareness
  • Overcoming Barriers

Your trainers have firsthand experience working as Peer Support Specialists and will guide you through a series of activities, discussions, and reflections that provide insight into what it is like to work with peers in recovery. You will also learn ways to monitor your own wellness so that you are better able to sustain your recovery and support others in theirs. This class is interactive, and we welcome you to share your unique perspective throughout the training.

Course Developer Contact: 

Vaya Health LME/MCO
200 Ridgefield Court, Suite 206
Asheville, NC 28806
828-225-2785 (local) or 1-800-893-6246 (toll-free)


Peer Support Page:

Name Approved to Train
Sutker, Sam Vaya Heath LME/MCO’s Peer Support Specialist Training
Tannerhill, Richie Vaya Heath LME/MCO’s Peer Support Specialist Training