In response to the COVID-19 challenges and to reduce problems generally associated with the mail system, the NCCPSS Program developed an online application process as an alternative to the mail application. Therefore, the Program would like to inform you of a NEW Online Application for certification and recertification from the PSS Website.

The Online application process IS NOT a substitute for the mail application but rather an option for submitting applications for certification and recertification. Thus, applicants may submit a mail application OR complete an application online for certification or recertification.

Applicants may locate the Online Application tab on the PSS website under the Certification and Recertification pages. To apply, click on the tab to create an account and complete the process.

The Online Application has the exact requirements as the mail-in application and the processing times remain 10-15 business days from the day of receipt of application (mail or online). In addition, all current certification and recertification policies apply to the Online Application process as well.

As with any new process, there may be challenges initially, but the Program staff would work with all applicants through any problems that may arise while using the system.

If you have any questions, you may reach us at:

Thank you.
NCCPSS Program Staff