New Policies

The North Carolina’s Certified Peer Support Specialist (NCCPSS) Program is working on strategies to enhance the quality of the CPSS workforce, and these strategies include introducing new policies that address some gaps in the certification process. Therefore starting July 1st, 2020, the NCCPSS Program will implement two new policies that will affect certification and recertification. All applications postmarked June 30th, 2020, will be subject to these new policies.

New Certification

The NCCPSS Program requires all approved 40-hour course training certificates submitted for certification to be within two years of completing the training (i.e., two years starting from the date of training completion as recorded on the approved 40-hour course training certificate). When applying for certification, applicants must submit a training certificate of an approved 40-hour course completed within the last two years.

Late Recertification

The NCCPSS Program requires a CPSS to renew their certification every two years. A CPSS must renew their certification by the last day of the month that they are due for renewal. After the last day of the month that a CPSS is due for renewal, the CPSS may apply for late recertification within 30 days. The CPSS must submit the required documents for recertification, and pay a late fee of $20 (in addition to the $20 processing fee). If a CPSS does not renew their certification within the late recertification period, their certification will lapse, and the CPSS will have to apply as a new applicant (requirements posted under the certification tab on the PSS Website) to reinstate their status as a CPSS. You will NOT be required to submit a new training certificate for a NCCPSS approved 40-hour course unless your certification has lapsed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the NCCPSS Program by phone (919-843-3018) or by email at