Please read: 2020 40 Hour Training Policies

DISCLAIMER (updated 12/2020) - The list below of trainings and trainers is presented as a resource only and in order to register you will need to contact the trainer directly. This list is not intended as a recommendation, referral, or endorsement of any trainers or training. At this time, the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services along with Behavioral Health Springboard are responsible solely for approving the course content as was first presented by the course owners. Course owners are responsible for setting training guidelines (pricing, location, etc.), hiring, and supervising the training processes and their approved trainers as outlined in the NCCPSS Program Training Policies and Procedures, NCCPSS Program Trainer Policies, and NCCPSS Program Course Owners Code of Ethics. Applicants are encouraged to use their discretion when considering the trainers' services and report any issues with the trainers directly to the course owners as listed on the Approved Courses page.