09/2019 -  Peer Support Certification Training Curriculum Pause after 10/2019. Please read the full bulletin here. 

04/2019 - The course developers forms (download package) has now offered in MS Word format for easier editing and completion, see the download tab or the zip package at the bottom of this page.
On July 2, 2018 the requirements and procedure for submitting a new 40 hour Peer Support Specialist Training Course changed significantly. Please review carefully the new information found below. Be sure to explore the tabs, and drop-down buttons and links to understand the process fully.  
2018 - Download the Course Developer's Infographic, it provides a printable and easy illustration of the process.   

New Courses Are Accepted Twice a Year

The submission periods will be the first week in April (1st-7th) and the first week in October (1st-7th) of each year.
Please visit the Submit Tab to submit your electronic course files.

Course Submission Process:
The course developer must provide 3 hard/paper copies (in 3 ring binders) of the Instructor’s Manual and additional materials (PowerPoints slide presentation and addendum) and one electronic copy of all documents listed below in MS Word, PowerPoint, or compatible file types (Open Office or downloaded Google Documents would all be acceptable).

Document Hard Copies Electronic
Instructor's Manual 3 1
Submission & Evaluation Tool 3 1
Training Materials 3 1
Handouts 3 1
Flash Drive, DVD, Video, Audio 3 1
Training of Trainers (TOT Manual) 3 1

A course submission fee of $ 800.00

All NC CPSS Course Submission and Evaluation Guideline materials must be submitted via certified mail. Failure to submit the entire packet according to established guidelines will delay course review.

The Process (click each title below to expand the topic)

Download the new Course Developer's Infographic - provides an easy to visualize overview of all the steps and process.

  • The course is received by Behavioral Health Springboard from the course developer/course owner.
  • The course packet is reviewed at BHS (Behavioral Health Springboard) confirming content is submitted in the format established by the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services. This process is done using a desk review checklist to ensure all items are submitted. Also, three selected core concepts are reviewed to ensure content is cited correctly and teaching methods specified. If the course does not pass the desk review, the course owner will be contacted and asked to submit the course in a future course submission period. The submission fee will be refunded to the course owner.
  • Courses that pass the desk review (the packet is complete and submitted in the proper format) will be mailed to the review team for the initial review.
  • A team of three (NCCPSS, NC DMH/DD/SAS, and BHS) are assigned to review each course
  • Review team (NCCPSS, state employee and BHS representative) complete independent reviews
  • Once course has been reviewed, the reviewers convene to discuss the course. Each Domain and Core Concept is reviewed to ensure they have met the standards established by the DMHDDSAS.
  • All courses will be reviewed within 30-45 business days upon receipt of hard copies by review team and course owner will be informed if the team is unable to complete the review within the stated time.
  • The course owner will be notified by email informing them their course has met standards established by the NC DMH/DD/SAS.  This notification will include the review tool.
  • The Course owner will send two hard copies (bounded) of the final Instructor's Manual, one hard copy of the Participant's Manual, and an electronic copy of the final version of the course to the NCCPSS program.
  • A course owner packet is mailed to the Course Owner (Certificate, information on submission graduate list after training, technical assistance reviews etc.) 
  • The Course Owner will submit the following information to the NCCPSS program to add the course to the list of approved 40-hour courses on the website (original documents):
    • Brief course description (electronic word document)
    • Trainers Registry form (each trainer)
    • Signed Code of Ethics form (each trainer)
    • Brief bio for each trainer (electronic word document)
  • The approved course is posted on NCCPSS website at https://pss.unc.edu/courses 
  • All approved courses are subject to monitoring by the staff of The North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services and contracted employees of UNC BHS. 
  • The review report is emailed to Course Owner within 30-45 business days of receipt of course.
  • Conference Call/ZOOM meeting will be offered to the Course owner for review of the report. Technical assistance will be provided to assist developers in making the revisions identified during the initial review.
  • The course owner will resubmit modifications within 30 business days from the date the review report is emailed by the review team.
  • All course resubmissions must be submitted within 30 business days after receiving a review report from the NCCPSS review team
  • Modifications are submitted to BHS utilizing the same protocol as initial submission except that no core concepts are checked during the desk review.
  • BHS will mail modifications to each reviewer.
  • Modifications are independently reviewed.
  • The Course Owner is notified of the review report through an email.
  • If needed a follow-up conference call can be established. Course developer will be allowed one submission and two resubmissions to meet standards.
  • Courses that do not pass after one submission and two resubmissions may resubmit during the next period for course submission as a new entry.

Courses not approved one submission and two resubmissions will require a new submission with the required fees ($800)

  • Brief description of the course (one paragraph to one page) submitted electronically (MS Word document)
  • Trainers Registry, Code of Ethics Form (for each approved trainer)
  • Brief bio for each trainer approved by Course Owner submitted electronically (MS Word document)
  • The approved course is now placed on NCCPSS website at https://pss.unc.edu/courses
Course Owner may file an appeal regarding report of course review:
  • All appeals should be submitted in writing
  • Appeals are submitted to:
    Tara L. Bohley, LMFT, MPA
    Clinical Assistant Professor/Director Behavioral Health Springboard
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - School of Social Work
    325 Pittsboro Street, CB 3550
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3550
    Email: tbohley@email.unc.edu

Course Submission and Evaluation Guide:

NCCPSS courses undergo an evaluation process to help ensure quality and appropriate training materials, incorporating nine domains. Please download and complete the Course Submission and Evaluation Guide below.

Download Course Submission and Evaluation Guide

Train The Trainer:

All courses submitted for approval as NCCPSS course will require a Training of the Trainers (TOT) process. Course developers must include their TOT manual and materials when submitting a course for approval. Please download and complete the NC CPSS Training of Trainers Guide below.

Download NC CPSS Training of Trainers Guide

After Course is Approved: Trainer Documents

Trainer Registry:

NCCPSS course developers need to register their trainers with the North Carolina Certified Peer Support Program.

Download Trainer Registry Form

Trainer Code Of Conduct:

NCCPSS Trainers are asked to sign the Trainer Code of Conduct:

Download the Trainer Code of Conduct

  • Remember to mail in 3 hard copies (of your course materials and 3 hard copies of the two completed guides referenced above) to the address below.
  • Remember to include your course submission payment in your packet: $800.00 money order made payable to "PSS-BHS"

Please Mail Three Hard Copies To:

Peer Support Specialist Registry
Behavioral Health Springboard
School of Social Work
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
325 Pittsboro Street Campus Box #3550
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-3550

To better understand all the core concepts that are demonstrated in every approved 40 hour training, please download and view the Core Concepts document below.

 Training Core Concepts Download