Holliman, Paige BAQP, CPSS

Paige Holliman is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and US Army Veteran with 5 years’ experience working directly with peers. A Military Trauma and Domestic Violence Survivor, Ms. Holliman started a new chapter of her life, working to transform her struggle with PTSD and Depression into an opportunity to help others facing the same challenges. Before becoming a CPSS, Ms. Holliman was a Russian translator for the Army and earned an Associate of Arts degree in Russian.  Afterward, Ms. Holliman worked for the Denver Court System, helping immigrants navigate through civil trials and adoptions. Ms. Holliman also served as a Resource Manager for the Carolina Recycling Association for five years, earning her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy in 2013.

Ms. Holliman is committed to serving her peers by helping them develop coping strategies and support networks, and accessing community resources directed toward their unique and changing needs.