phoneWelcome to the new North Carolina Peer Support Specialist Certification Program website! We hope you will find the organization of the site much more intuitive and manageable for both new visitors and our regular job and training posters. The site was developed with input and feedback from NC peers to reach some core goals:

  1. The new site would make a much stronger emphasis on the Peer Support Specialist Certification Program and less so on Behavioral Health Springboard.
  2. Information would be better organized and shaped by survey data and Google Analytics data.
  3. Visually, the site would be easier to consume and the most frequently visited areas would be brought forward to the front page (certification, training, jobs).
  4. The site would use contemporary technology and be accessible on mobile devices; check it out on your phone or tablet!

Please take some time and explore the site using the new menu bar near the top. You will quickly find information on NC PSS certification process, upcoming training opportunities, and the latest job posting around the state. Also be sure to click on our new info-graphics that illustrate and help simplify the steps to becoming a certified Peer Support Specialist all on a single page. Thanks to all the peers who contributed through survey responses, ideas and early testing!